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high-grade solvent designed to degrease and evaporate quickly

400 ML

A specially formulated, non-chlorinated, high-grade solvent designed to degrease and evaporate quickly. Excellent electrical, component cleaner and fabric spot remover. Easily dissolves most oils, greases and many adhesives. Very fast evaporation ensures the soiled surface is quickly cleaned and dried.

How To Use

Shake can well before use. Spray liberally onto area to be cleaned and wipe off thoroughly with a lint-free cloth, wiper or paper before product has evaporated.. The applicator tube is provided to enable easy and accurate application to inaccessible parts. Caution: As with all solvent cleaners it is recommended that the product is used in a well ventilated area and that the surface to be cleaned is tested to ensure the product does not affect it. Caution should be execised at all times, particularly when used as an electrical cleaner, since the product and its vapour are extremely flammable.

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